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Negligent Security in Tampa Bay

Were You Hurt in a Hotel, Apartment Complex, at Work, or in a Big Box Store Due to Negligent Security in Florida? Call Our Negligent Security Lawyers in Tampa Bay

We expect that certain places will be safe for us. Common examples include in hotels and motels, where we may rest in between long drives, on business trips, or as tourists in the Sunshine State. We also expect our apartment complex or a friend, family member, or coworker’s complex to be safe when we are going home or visiting. This is also true at work, where employers are deputized to protect us from foreseeable harm. And it is even more true at retail stores, particularly big box stores with plenty of revenue to keep us safe. Although many of these places do a great job at keeping us safe, some do not. In fact, some are negligent in keeping us safe and can cause us preventable personal injuries in an accident. If you or a loved one were seriously injured due to negligent security in Tampa Bay, call our experienced negligent security lawyers in Tampa Bay for help.

Here at Dumas & Sanclemente, our team of personal injury lawyers, paralegals, and secretaries can help you and your family recover compensation for personal injuries, lost wages, and medical bills caused by a reckless, careless, or negligent business or entity that does not protect customers or guests. These are very complicated types of personal injury cases because most defendants will blame a third-party’s criminal actions, meaning that you will have to establish extra elements to recover compensation.

Due to the complexity of these cases, we offer to go over what happened to you, what your injuries are, and what legal rights you may have under Florida law. To learn more, please call us to schedule a today.

What is Negligent Security in Florida?

Negligent security is a tricky type of cause of action (or claim). It essentially claims that a defendant was negligent in protecting you from harm caused by a third-party. Thus, it holds a defendant liable for a third-party’s actions – something not common in law. In fact, it even sounds like this is unfair. And defendant lawyers and adjusters will do everything in their power to push this theory on the jury and the judge in order to minimize your damages and their liability.

But that is not the entire truth to a negligent security claim.

A negligent security case is about protecting a person from a known risk of injury. It holds a defendant liable for not recognizing a risk and addressing it before someone is injured. After all, the places where negligent security claims apply are all places that invite members of the public in to make money or transact business. This is true even of your own apartment complex, which you pay to live there.

Although this concept may sound rare, confusing, or even still unfair, examples of negligent security really can help demonstrate when you should call an experienced negligent security lawyer in Tampa Bay for help.

Examples of Negligent Security Claims in Florida

There are many different examples of when a defendant may be liable for a negligent security accident in Florida. All of these examples are just a small sample of possible claims. Some of the most common examples of negligent security include the following:

  • Broken locks on doors or windows – a hotel, motel, apartment complex, or another facility which offers a room or area that has broken locks on windows or doors could be negligent for not fixing them. All patrons, residents, and guests have a reasonable expectation that locks will work. If a criminal breaks into a location due to a broken or non-functioning lock, a victim may be entitled to recover compensation against the defendant who owns or manages the facility.
  • Inadequate lighting – not only is inadequate lighting dangerous for slip and fall or trip and fall reasons, but it is also dangerous because of criminal activity. Victims hurt in a parking lot due to inadequate lighting may be entitled to recover compensation for their damages. This includes damages caused by criminals who are waiting for a victim and commit an assault, battery, sex offense, or any other type of crime.
  • Failure to remove dangerous patrons – facilities such as bars, restaurants, sporting venues, music halls or concert halls, doctor offices, and other locations must guard customers from rowdy or dangerous individuals. This means removing aggressive or intoxicated people who may pose a risk of harm to others. It also means taking special steps to stop criminals from taking advantage of a large crowd to hide and cause repeated offenses. Defendants who fail to eject dangerous individuals may be liable for a victim’s injuries in Florida.
  • Delays in calling the police – where third-party individuals are committing criminal activity in a business, government entity, or other location, owners and managers have a responsibility to call the police to protect others. When they allow a dangerous group of individuals to remain at large and pose a risk of harm to innocent people, they could be liable for not calling the police or taking actions to remedy the situation.

Common Injuries Due to Negligent Security in Tampa Bay

There are many possible types of common injuries that could be caused due to negligent security in Tampa Bay. Unfortunately, many of these are avoidable injuries but for the negligence of a defendant. Some of the most common injuries include the following:

  • Brain injuries like concussions, brain bleeds, and other traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Paralyzing injuries like paraplegia or quadriplegia, and other types of spinal cord injuries (SCIs)
  • Broken bones and fractured bones, including orbital blowout fractures
  • Jaw injuries and pain due to TMJ
  • Nerve injuries
  • Knife wounds
  • Gunshot wounds
  • Emotional harm and physical harm in sexual attacks
  • Organ injuries
  • Blindness
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Wrongful death, and
  • Many other common types of personal injuries in Tampa Bay.

Were You Injured Due to Negligent Security in Tampa Bay? Call Us Now

Negligent security cases are very difficult to prove. That is why victims and their families need to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer like one of ours at Dumas & Sanclemente. We offer our personal injury clients a personalized and dedicated experience, ensuring that their rights to compensation are protected under Florida law. If you believe that negligent security in Tampa Bay caused your personal injuries, call to schedule a to learn more about your rights by dialing  866-832-1569 or use our convenient “Contact Us” box available here to send us a message.