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Trust Means Something At Dumas & Sanclemente, PLLC

One of the most important professional relationships you will ever have is with your lawyer. It is imperative that you trust your attorneys completely and can place your case in their hands with confidence.

At Dumas & Sanclemente, PLLC, we build client relationships on a foundation of trust. You will receive honest answers, clear guidance and strong advocacy, and you will benefit from our genuine passion for getting positive and fair results. We take our responsibility seriously because we know your well-being depends on it.

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You will benefit from our valuable personal injury experience. Axel worked as a defense attorney for insurance companies and knows what they are likely to do with your case. Jonathan has always focused on personal injury victims and understands what they are going through. We have litigated over 250 cases and have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

Compassion And Communication Are Hallmarks Of The Firm

Suffering a catastrophic injury or losing a family member may be the most traumatizing experience of your life. Regardless of how many cases we handle, we never lose sight of that fact. It is a large part of what drives us to work tirelessly for clients who have had their lives irrevocably changed.

When we work with you, we will treat you with compassion and respect. Because accidents can happen at any time, you will have our cellphone numbers so that you can call us day or night. We are truly here for our clients 24/7.

Let’s Talk Today About Your Case

From our office in Lutz, we serve clients across the Greater Tampa Bay metro area, as well as the surrounding areas. To set up a free consultation, please call us at 844-400-2667 or send us an email.

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