Seeking Justice For The Injured

There Is No Time To Waste In Brain Injury Cases

If you have suffered a brain injury in an accident, it is imperative that you see a qualified doctor about your concerns as soon as possible. You should also speak with an experienced lawyer who will protect your right to collect damages from the negligent party.

At Dumas & Sanclemente, PLLC, we help our clients get the medical treatment they need and the compensation they deserve after suffering a brain injury. We know that your life cannot move forward unless you receive quality medical care and damages for your losses. Please contact us today for a free consultation. You can call us 24/7, and we will answer.

How Do Brain Injuries Occur?

The types of accidents that often lead to brain injuries include:

  • Vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians and more
  • Slip- or trip-and-falls on dangerous property
  • Medical malpractice incidents causing lack of oxygen to the brain
  • Drowning, which deprives the brain of oxygen

These are just a few ways that people suffer brain injuries. You can contact us if you do not see your cause listed above.

TBI And Other Brain Injuries Often Change People’s Lives Forever

The ramifications of a brain injury are typically quite serious and can include:

  • Surgery and other medical treatment
  • Lengthy hospital stays and long-term care
  • Loss of motor function
  • Loss of speech
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Mood and personality changes
  • Impaired memory function
  • Coma or vegetative state
  • Wrongful death

The cognitive and physical impairments may result in permanent disability, drastically changing the person’s life and their family dynamic. Moving forward in these situations may seem impossible at first, but we can show you how to look ahead and plan for your future.

How We Can Help You

Clients rely on us in complex cases involving catastrophic or fatal injuries. We work directly with you to hold the negligent party accountable for your losses. Working with medical experts, we will investigate the severity of the injury. Other experts, such as life care planners and economists, will help us build a strong case for all the compensation you need for past, present and future damages.

In addition, you can be certain that we will remain in frequent contact with you. Clients also receive our cellphone numbers so that they can call anytime, day or night. You shouldn’t have to wait to talk to your attorney in these serious cases.

Begin Protecting Your Rights Today

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