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Woman dies, man arrested following alleged DUI crash

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2024 | Wrongful Death |

A woman was killed in Florida when the motorcycle she was riding on crashed. The accident took place early in the morning on a Saturday. The man driving the motorcycle was arrested for allegedly causing the crash by driving under the influence, or DUI.

How the crash happened

The recent Florida wreck occurred at a little past 4 a.m. According to authorities, the motorcycle was going north along Interstate 275 and took an exit onto eastbound Interstate 4. The male motorcyclist, 37, then reportedly lost control of the bike.

Police said the biker struck a guardrail on the inside shoulder of the roadway. A woman, 29, was a passenger on the motorcycle and suffered serious injuries in the collision. She died later at a medical center. Authorities said they determined that the biker, who suffered minor injuries, was impaired. He was on a charge of DUI manslaughter.

An attorney can help

The family members of the woman who passed away in the Florida motorcycle crash may decide to file a wrongful death claim against the arrested man, seeking the reimbursement of financial damages sustained in the wreck. The man may be convicted on his DUI manslaughter charge, in which case the family can present the conviction in civil court to establish liability in the accident. If they are successful, they might be awarded financial damages to cover the woman’s hospital expenses and burial costs. Monetary damages may also help cover the loss of support for the woman’s surviving dependents.