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An upcoming nationwide ban on humorous electronic highway signs

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2024 | Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The U.S. Federal Highway Administration is not taking distracted driving lightly. The agency recognizes that the rapid integration of technology into human activities or interactions is only bound to generate more distractions. Some of the most conspicuous distractions that drivers encounter on the road are the electronic signs on highways.

These overhead traffic devices are meant to help move traffic more safely and smoothly by displaying helpful information, such as warnings on weather conditions, speed limits, crash scenes and seatbelt usage. However, not everything they flash is straightforward.

So, a recent announcement reveals that there will be a nationwide ban on electronic highway signs deemed too distracting.

What to expect about the upcoming ban

In Florida, the Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles launched an awareness campaign to combat the persistent problem of distracted driving. Yet, the state still recorded 53,596 distracted crashes and 268 fatalities last year.

The federal ban aims to reduce these grim figures by phasing out specific road signs with the following provisions:

  • Applies to all funny, bizarre, unclear or indirect electronic signs
  • Implementation across the country by 2026
  • Two years for all states to comply with the necessary changes found in the provided manual

The new law can send a strong message that the authorities are not joking around when it comes to road safety. Knowing what it entails can also help drivers and passengers better prepare for their next trip.

Why stricter measures are necessary

Distractions continue to harm drivers, passengers and other road users. Only a few seconds of looking at a distracting electronic sign can turn someone’s life around. It can lead to injuries, deaths and property damage. Those already facing a distracted driving claim can protect their rights and pursue compensation by seeking guidance from a legal team.