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Seeking justice after a hit-and-run: Identifying the driver

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2023 | Hit-and-Run Accidents |

After a hit-and-run, you may feel disoriented. But this is when your fight for justice begins. Your goal is not just to mend the physical damage but also to identify the driver responsible. In circumstances like this, knowing what to do when the driver flees is key to your pursuit of justice.

Report to law enforcement

In a hit-and-run, contact the police immediately. Gathering and providing as much information as possible is essential. This includes details about the other car, the license plate number if you saw it and the direction in which the driver fled.

Gather evidence of the crash

In addition to any key witnesses who may have seen the accident, there are additional resources that can aid in capturing evidence of the hit-and-run incident. In Pasco County, where part of Lutz is located, there are traffic cameras installed at various points. These may have recorded the incident or the vehicle as it fled the scene. If you know of any nearby cameras, inform the police. They can use the footage to help identify the car and driver. In addition, any photos or videos taken of the incident or the fleeing vehicle, by you or others, can also prove to be vital evidence.

Consult a lawyer

A lawyer can guide you through the legal maze that follows a hit-and-run. They can help communicate with your insurance company and, if the driver is found, assist you in suing them.

Protecting yourself after a hit-and-run

Unfortunately, not everyone is as cautious as you. In a regular car accident, both drivers are supposed to stop, exchange info and report it. But in a hit-and-run, In a hit-and-run, the culprit flees the scene, which is illegal. If they’re caught, they could face serious charges. In Florida, hit-and-run accidents are a big issue. Even though the number of these accidents dropped by 5% in 2022, there are still over 103,000 each year. If you’re ever the victim of a hit-and-run, you might have to rely on your own insurance if the other driver isn’t found. You wouldn’t want to be a part of these stats. A lawyer may be able to help protect your rights in seeking compensation and facilitate the process of finding the other driver.