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What auto insurance adjusters do and how they impact your claim

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2023 | Car Accidents, Hit-and-Run Accidents, Personal Injury |

Immediately notifying your insurance provider is critical to initiating a claim to help cover your medical costs and lost wages following a car accident. An insurance claims adjuster will investigate your case and work with you until you get your settlement. However, adjusters, known for their tactics to rush cases and minimize payouts, can be challenging to deal with.

Understanding how the process works may help you achieve a fair settlement and facilitate a smoother claims process.

The role of an insurance claims adjuster in your car accident

After filing a car insurance claim, a claims adjuster becomes your primary point of contact. Their role is to figure out how much the insurance company is responsible for in the accident. To do this, they will scrutinize the events that led up to the accident alongside your driving history and medical records. With this information, they will determine if the company is liable at all and put a price on the damages you suffered.

Adjusters may act like they are on your side, but the reality is that they are representing the insurance company. You can attempt to negotiate with them, but they will do everything possible to get you to accept a lower amount. Regrettably, adjusters do not always act in the policyholder’s best interest, as their primary focus is to help the company.

Preparing to deal with an insurance claims adjuster

Negotiations might become frustrating, but staying calm when dealing with an adjuster is essential. In addition, do not give a recorded statement or provide more than basic information on the accident and your injuries. The adjuster may use these to your disadvantage.

The aftermath of an accident can be overwhelming, but do not let this pressure you into accepting your insurer’s initial offer. It may be insufficient to cover your current and potential expenses.

Accepting a settlement means forgoing any future claims. After a car accident, victims sometimes experience delayed symptoms that require further medical attention. If you already settled, you will not be able to file an additional claim.

An attorney can examine your case and assist you with the negotiation process. If the task proves too challenging for you to handle at this time, the attorney can also manage all interactions with the insurance company on your behalf.