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The importance of witness statements in car accident claims

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2023 | Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When car accidents happen, there may be other individuals who personally see them with their eyes. These witnesses can be powerful sources of information because they can help establish an honest and factual account of the crash.

They may have seen specific details that the involved drivers overlooked. For example, they may see unlawful behaviors, such as a driver texting while driving or running a red light. Ultimately, their neutral observations for being someone not associated with both parties can prove vital in pursuing justice for those who sustained injuries or those wrongfully accused.

How can witness statements influence car accident claims?

Witnesses can help authorities find out who is truly at fault and establish liability by:

  • Supporting a claim through their court testimony
  • Providing additional documentation, such as photos, videos and other distinct details
  • Discrediting the other party’s version of events

However, inconsistent statements can happen when the initial shock of the crash has died down and more coherent memories come in. Sometimes, what the witness says right after the incident may differ from what they assert during a trial. Thus, Florida law allows cross-examination to address this issue.

Aside from potential loopholes in witness statements, other factors that can reduce witness credibility include a possible criminal history or questionable vantage point during the collision.

Why is a thorough statement crucial?

With so much at stake, witnesses must work with their legal representatives to construct a clear and plausible narration of their perspective. After all, anything they share can make or break someone’s life. It can allow victims to recover rightful compensation or provide defense to the alleged offender.