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Are you ready to let your teen drive on their own?

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2023 | Car Accidents |

For teenagers, hitting the road is a milestone. It is like a ritual they need to pass before entering into adulthood. However, no matter how thrilling the thought is, driving comes with a host of risks and responsibilities, not just for teen drivers but for their parents as well.

Below are some key aspects of teenage drivers’ journey, including the risks, responsibilities and liabilities involved.

Learning to drive

Teens embark on their driving journey by obtaining a learner’s permit. This initial stage involves supervised driving with a licensed adult. In most states, including Florida, parents usually take on this role. They also need to certify that their teen has completed the required number of supervised driving hours. This phase gives parents the opportunity to teach their teens about road rules and safe driving habits.

Graduated licensing programs are also designed to introduce teens to the responsibilities of driving gradually.

Risks on the road

Teenagers are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents due to their inexperience and sometimes risky behavior. Distracted driving, speeding and not wearing seatbelts are common issues.

When they get into accidents, there are two possible scenarios that parents need to prepare themselves. Their teen may be a victim. They may get injured, or they may even die. No one wants that to happen, but in cases it does, parents would need legal assistance to handle personal injury or maybe wrongful death claims. No parent would want to be in such a situation, so they must emphasize the importance of responsible driving to mitigate these risks.

Insurance and liability

The other scenario most parents fear when their teen is driving is what if they cause an accident. When teenagers start driving, it can affect the family’s insurance rates. Parents should inform their insurance provider when their teen gets a license. Liability concerns arise if a teen is involved in an accident. Parents may be held legally responsible for their children’s actions, so it is crucial to have adequate insurance coverage.

Shared responsibilities

Teenage drivers face risks and responsibilities as a driver. But their parents also share these risks and responsibilities. No one knows what may happen on the road, but by ensuring they receive proper guidance right at the start, parents are preparing their children to be responsible drivers in the future.