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Why many car accidents occur

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury |

Driving carefully and focusing on the road could help a Florida commuter avoid an automobile accident. Sometimes, drivers must pay attention to others who are operating their vehicles recklessly. Government-compiled data shows that reckless behaviors contribute to many accidents annually.

The reasons for crashes

Government entities keep track of accidents and their causes. Studying the reasons for accidents may help find solutions to the underlying factors. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted that more than 6.7 million traffic accidents occurred in 2019, with a significant number being preventable. A deeper dive into the data reveals the frequent reasons for vehicle crashes.

The roads will never be free of speeding vehicles. Agitated, stressed or impatient drivers may press down on the gas pedal and drive at an unsafe speed. Hazardous road or weather conditions might not deter them. The same may apply to other traffic violations that increase accident risks, including impaired driving, leaving someone open to criminal and civil consequences after a collision.

Other causes and concerns

Distracted driving continues to be a problem. A driver who pays more attention to an infotainment touch screen than traffic could cause a collision. Someone could also become distracted while driving by glancing away from the road when something inadvertently catches their attention. Those who cause motor vehicle accidents because they are too tired to concentrate may face civil actions after a collision.

The resultant accidents could be a rear-end or head-on collision, or they may involve rollovers. Some crashes could result in a vehicle hitting a pedestrian or bicyclist. Ultimately, if a reckless driver causes harm, there could be civil or criminal consequences.