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4 ways to recover financially after a car accident

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2023 | Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Many car accident victims struggle to pay for their medical bills and other related expenses after recovering. A serious injury may also keep someone from working indefinitely, leaving them with no means to pay their bills.

After an accident, these are some bills you can expect to pay:

  • Hospital and emergency room bills
  • Medical free consultations
  • Physical Therapy
  • Prescription medication and
  • Vehicle repair costs

As you can imagine, all these fees will add up and make it difficult to stay afloat financially. Exploring the following options may help you ease your financial burden.

  1. Set up payment plans

In Florida, all drivers must have Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Regardless of who caused the collision, this no-fault insurance could help pay up to $10,000 of your medical expenses and lost wages.

Moreover, many hospitals and doctors are sympathetic to patients. Try to explain your situation and negotiate your payment. The hospital could agree to reduce your bill or offer financial assistance.

Similarly, notify your landlord or mortgage lender immediately. They may be willing to provide a workaround, such as a repayment plan.

  1. Recover expenses from the at-fault driver

If the accident was not your fault, the at-fault driver’s insurance provider might be able to reimburse you for the amount you spent on treatment and repair bills following the collision.

Additionally, you may be able to hold them accountable for future medical expenses, lost wages, and diminished earning potential.

  1. Review your budget

You will likely have to pay some fees yourself. Hopefully, you have an emergency fund set up, but in case you do not, review your expenses and look for areas where you can make cuts. Organize your finances so you can monitor your spending.

  1. Take out a loan

Victims in the middle of a lawsuit can consider taking a pre-settlement loan to help keep themselves financially secure until their case settles. However, if you win your case, you will need to pay the pre-settlement loan back along with applicable interest and fees.

Recovering from an accident can take a toll on anyone but remember you are not alone. If you are having trouble collecting payments from the at-fault driver or your insurance company, it may be time to contact a car accident lawyer.