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Spotting drivers who might be distracted

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2023 | Car Accidents |

When driving on Florida roads, you might expect other drivers to abide by the laws and regulations just as you would. However, there could be drivers who are distracted while they are behind the wheel. Here are a few ways to spot and try to avoid them.

Lane maintenance

One of the ways that you can sometimes determine if a driver is distracted on the road is by how they maintain their position in their lane. Swerving from one side of the lane to the other or from one lane to the other and into oncoming traffic can lead to car accidents, some of which could be severe. You can avoid this type of driver by letting them safely pass your vehicle or by being alert as to which direction they are going so that you can move to the safe side of the road.


While some circumstances could necessitate the need to speed up and slow down while driving, you’ll likely maintain a constant speed for the road conditions. A distracted driver might try to slow down while they are on the phone, talking to a passenger, or performing other activities in the car so that they can still pay attention to the road. Once the driver has completed their task, they might speed up again. A way to avoid this situation is to stay back a few car lengths, which can prevent you from slamming on your brakes.

Although driving in most areas is safe, there could be times when you encounter a driver who is distracted and could cause an accident because of their actions on the road.