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Tips to prevent motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents |

Florida had an estimated 620,077 registered motorcyclists in 2022. The warm and sunny weather encourages many residents to ride motorcycles. But the joy of riding in Florida isn’t without its dangers.

Motorcyclists have a high risk of accidents on local streets. Here are some tips to prevent motorcycle crashes and make your rides safer.

Practice caution at intersections

Motorcycle accidents occur often at intersections. Some drivers are notorious for running red lights. This is why motorcyclists should wait a second before stepping on the gas. Also, anticipate what the driver in front of you intends to do. Watch carefully for turn signals.

Make yourself visible

Motorcyclists are sometimes easy to miss – especially at night. Consider wearing bright colors and reflective gear. Or go a step further and add bright colors and reflective gear to your motorcycle. And remember, your headlight makes you visible during the day and night.

Pay attention to road conditions

Bad roads are hazardous for motorcyclists. Driving over a pothole could cause you to crash. A rocky or bumpy road could also cause a motorcycle accident. Watch for road hazards during your ride.

Wear a helmet

A motorcycle helmet can’t prevent an accident. But it might save your life should an accident occur. Failing to wear a helmet could result in brain injury from an accident.

Avoid speeding

Motorcycles are built for speed – but not when you’re on public roads. Save the speeding for track racing. Speeding is a cause of accidents for motorcycles and other motor vehicles. Slow down and drive the speed limit.

The tips mentioned here will make your rides safer. When you practice safety, the roads become safer for everyone.