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What should you know about Florida medical care and spinal cord injuries?

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Spinal cord injuries may cause permanent disabilities or even death. Florida residents who believe they sustained a spinal cord injury should seek medical care immediately. Seeking care immediately could prevent the spinal cord injury from becoming worse.

Common causes

Spinal cord injuries occur due to a variety of accidents, violence or diseases. Some of the most common causes include:

• Car accidents

• Slip and falls

• Gunshot wounds

• Knife wounds

• Sports injuries

• Cancer

• Spinal cord inflammation

Signs and symptoms

Since spinal cord injuries typically begin as a personal injury following an accident, you may start to notice signs and symptoms right away that you may have spinal cord damage. These symptoms occur most commonly and may alert you to the presence of spinal cord injuries:

• Extreme back pain

• Weakness in any part of the body

• Sudden loss of bowel or bladder control

• Impaired breathing

• Tingling or numbness in toes, feet, fingers or hands

• Balance problems

Accident victims

Accident victims should seek medical examination to ensure they have not sustained a spinal cord injury. Any delay in seeking help may complicate the wound and cause an extended recovery period.

Testing and diagnostic procedures

You will first endure a physical exam when you seek medical treatment for a possible spinal cord injury. During the exam, the doctor may test your breathing and pulse rates. In addition, doctors typically test your strength and feeling in your arms and legs. To thoroughly test your spinal cord, your medical provider may order x-rays, CAT scans or MRIs.

Impact on your life

Seeking medical diagnosis and treatment for your spinal cord injury can result in significant medical bills. Even with treatment, you may have difficulty returning to work. In addition, accident victims who sustain injuries to the negligence of others often seek legal action and compensation to help pay for the expenses that occurred due to spinal cord injuries.