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Most common car accident bone breaks in Florida

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Car Accidents |

The most common injuries from car accidents are injuries to the neck or back and broken bones. Following a car accident in Florida, passengers may suffer a wide range of injuries, from scratches and bruises to whiplash or traumatic brain injury. Broken bones due to a crash can be painful and require medical attention and significant time to heal. Some breaks are more likely than others, with the most commonly-broken bones in car accidents including the skull, facial bones, clavicle, arm bones and spinal vertebrae.

Car accident injuries to the cranium or facial bones

Injuries to the cranium or face are more likely in car accidents where the person is not wearing their seat belt, but they can happen either way. Generally, head injuries are more severe if a seat belt is not worn, as the person’s head or face could impact violently with the steering wheel or other parts of the vehicle’s interior. Facial bones are smaller than the cranium and so are damaged more easily. People commonly break bones in their faces, like their nose or their cheekbone in crashes.

Clavicle and arm injuries

Clavicle injuries are more common in motor vehicle accidents where seat belts are worn. This injury is because the seat belt applies pressure to the clavicle in the event of a crash and the clavicle is a relatively delicate bone. Arm bones frequently break because the person puts their arms out to brace for impact. However, the bones are not strong enough to serve as a brace, so they fail and break against the strain.

Car crash injuries to the spine

The spine is a series of small bones known as vertebrae. Car accidents can put significant pressure on the vertebrae, causing them to misalign or herniate. The vertebrae can also be fractured if there is a hard enough impact. Injuries from car accidents can affect any area of the body. Therefore, seeking medical attention to deal with car accident injuries is a good idea.