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The surprising ways airbags can cause injury

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2022 | Car Accidents |

It may seem strange that airbags, designed to add an extra layer of safety to motor vehicles, could cause injuries. In most cases, airbags can help to save lives during a collision in Florida or anywhere else, but oftentimes, not without injury to drivers and passengers.

The ways airbags can cause injury

Airbags deploy at a high rate of speed when a collision occurs during a motor vehicle accident. This decreases the risk of severe bodily injury for passengers. Depending on the speed of the vehicle at impact, minor to moderate injuries can still occur.

A few of these airbag injuries include:

  • Fractures and bruising to the face, skull, ribcage or arms
  • Chest or spine injuries due to impact
  • Concussion and other brain injuries
  • Trauma to ears, eyes or lungs from chemicals in the airbag
  • Internal bleeding from impact
  • Fetal harm from impact with pregnant women

Treating injuries caused by airbags

You may not show obvious signs of injury after a motor vehicle accident. You should never assume you are uninjured until you are seen by medical professionals. Injuries like concussion and internal bleeding may not present visible symptoms, so it is imperative to seek help as soon as you can.

How to avoid injuries from airbags

There are ways drivers and passengers can protect themselves from injury should a motor vehicle accident occur. For example, never install child car seats in the front seat of a vehicle, and always use the correct seat for your child’s size.

You should wear your seatbelt no matter how short your trip is. Additionally, check with your vehicle manufacturer to ensure there are no recalls on the airbags. Practicing cautious driving is the best way to ensure the least risk of motor vehicle accidents and airbag injuries.